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Valentines Day at Tabley House

Residents and staff members at Tabley House celebrated Valentine’s Day in style yesterday! Leading up to the day, residents took part in crafts to help decorate the Memory Corner, from creating paper love hearts to writing messages about what love means to them.

Tabley’s Christmas Wreaths

On Wednesday afternoon, our Tabley friend Jo Fyfe visited the residents for an art session with a festive twist! Residents got the chance to make their own Christmas Wreaths for their doors with an array of different materials and decorations. It's lovely to be getting into the Christmas spirit.

Summer Celebrations at Tabley House

On Tuesday 22nd August, Tabley House Nursing Home held a Summer Garden Party, where residents were joined by staff, family and friends to enjoy lunch and entertainment together, as well as celebrating some achievements for the home.

Tabley House Nursing Home Rated Best in Cheshire

We are extremely proud to announce that Tabley House Nursing Home has recently been rated the top care home in Cheshire on the care search and review website, The website lists 243 care homes in the Cheshire area.