End-of-life care

We firmly believe that everyone deserves dignity and respect as they approach the end of their life. We provide compassionate and sensitive end-of-life care at Tupwood Gate. This has been recognised by the Gold Standards Framework, where we have been awarded platinum status for our support given to individuals nearing end-of-life for four years in a row.

We recognise that as someone is nearing the end of their life, it can involve very intense feelings for both the resident and their loved ones. At Tupwood Gate we have dedicated end-of-life facilities to allow families to stay, enabling them to spend those precious last moments together.

All staff at Tupwood Gate have a duty of care and are responsible for:

  • Recognising that someone is nearing the end of their life in the next few days or hours and communicate the decisions and actions that are to be taken
  • Communicating with everyone involved, including the resident, their friends and family and also the rest of the staff team
  • Involving the resident and those who have been identified as important to them, in decisions regarding their care and treatment
  • Supporting the needs of the family and friends
  • Provide a compassionate individualised care plan which addresses:
    • Food and drink
    • Symptom control
    • Psychosocial needs
    • Spiritual needs

When you or someone you love are nearing the end-of-life, you deserve the best possible standard of care, which means high quality, reliable and consistent support.

Gold Standards Framework

The National Gold Standards Framework (GSF) supports and enables front line staff teams to provide a gold standard of care for individuals who are nearing the end-of-life. GSF improves the quality, coordination and organisation of care. This leads to better outcomes for our residents in line with their needs and preferences.

The principles of GSF are:

  • The right people
  • The right care
  • The right place
  • The right time
  • Every time

All staff at Tupwood Gate need to know the GSF standards of care, whether they are a housekeeper, chef, administrator, maintenance or part of the nursing and care team.