ZooLab visit Tupwood Gate Nursing Home

On Thursday 11th August we were delighted to welcome the staff and animals from ZooLab to Tupwood Gate Nursing Home.

The residents really enjoyed the visit, looking and holding the unusual animals that were brought in to show to them.

A favourite of the residents was Mo Mo, a bearded geco. Mo Mo is Japanese for peach which matched Mo Mo’s colour. Mo Mo was very cute and was a rescue animal from the RSPCA.

There was also a millipede called Milli. It was unknown whether it was male and female, but residents asked how many legs millipede’s have and Lotty (the ranger) explained that despite their name Milli has 400 legs. One resident asked what the difference was between a millipede and a centipede, Lotty explained apart from the number of legs, centipede’s actually bite!

Last but certainly not lease was a large corn snake called Bob who the residents touched and felt the texture of his skin and also held.

To view more pictures click on the images below to enlarge.

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