Tabley Resident celebrates 100th birthday

Lord Foster Rochester  celebrating his 100th birthday

Lord Foster Rochester, a resident at Tabley House Nursing Home recently celebrated his 100th birthday with a party at the home.

Naturally the occasion led Lord Rochester to reflect on his long life. As Captain Lord Rochester he served in the Second World War as second in command of a squadron tanks.

“My tank was destroyed and the driver was killed,” he said. “A gunman in the same tank lost his leg. I escaped with only superficial burns to my face and hands. To be in charge, that was a lot of responsibility at such a young age.

“But looking back on life, you only remember the good things really.”


Lord Rochester regards his greatest achievement as meeting Mary Carlisle Weir in 1942. The couple married a year later and had four children.

“I remember saying to one of my brothers that having Mary as my wife was my greatest asset. She was a wonderful person. She was a teacher, and she helped to revive Northwich’s Salt Museum- yes, she did one or two things like that.”

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