Positive Enter and View report for Tabley House Nursing Home

Tabley House Nursing Home have recently received positive feedback from their most recent Enter and View visit from Healthwatch Cheshire (HWC).

Healthwatch Cheshire (HWC) is part of a network of over 150 local Healthwatch across England established under the Health and Social Care Act 2012. HWC represents the consumer voice of those using local health and social services and trades as both Healthwatch Cheshire East and Healthwatch Cheshire West.

“Staff here really go the distance for you. I’d be hopless without them helping me and I’m a real grump at times. I can’t thank them enough for both putting up with me and looking after me.”Resident, Tabley House Nursing Home

The aim of the visit, which took place on 26th June 2018, to enable Healthwatch Cheshire Authorised Representatives to see for themselves how the service is being provided in terms of quality of life and quality of care principles and to:

  • To capture the views and experiences of residents, family members/friends and staff
  • To consider the practical experience of family/friends when visiting the service in terms of access, parking and other visitor facilities
  • To identify areas of resident satisfaction, good practice within the service and any areas felt to be in need of improvement

The findings from the final report were very positive. Here are some selected highlights:

  • The ‘feel’ of the building on entry was one of relaxed surroundings and a calm order.
  • Throughout, the home appeared clean and free of odours.
  • Representatives thought the staff were very friendly, caring and knew all the residents who they interacted with by name.
  • Everyone we spoke to commented on the food being very good. Visitors in particular were full of praise commenting on the options available and quality.
  • Residents seemed to have a wide choice as to their care and in particular how much or how little daily activity they wish to be involved with.
  • All residents who were spoken to commented that they would be confident in raising an issue if necessary and also certain that this would be handled appropriately.
  • Representatives feel that care staff and management are making every effort to provide a warm and friendly environment for residents.

The full report can be found on the Healthwatch Cheshire website.

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